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In the Spa Natura sports outdoor and in contact with nature is fantastic.

What is your sport? There is no excuse anymore for failing to practice during your getaways with spa or during family vacations.

  • Fitness Center

    Now you have no excuse to abandan your holiday training.

    Spa Natura has a fully equipped center with the latest fitness machines including Techno Gyp equipment.

    In addition to physical training we suggest you visit our Spa in order to enjoy a Spa with spring water and/or relax with a massage or body treatment thereafter you can enjoy the Salón Zen. What would you like today?

    The fitness center is equipped with gymnastic horse, adductors, vertical press for chest and triceps, sit-ups, hipower bh alpine, hipower bh bicycle, vibre platform aireis fitness, julajup playing, aerobic exercise mats.

  • Paddel Tennis

    In the Spa Natura the paddle court is covered, has glass walls and a excellent ball rebound.

    Form a group of 4 and try this new trendy sport, simple and fun.

    The paddle-court is equipped with night lighting and artificial monofilament grass.

    You can rent balls and raquets at our Reception.

  • Multisports Court

    In the Spa Natura you can have fun with friends and your family playing football, tennis, basketball, volleyball or badminton.

    Regulatory multisport court equipped with night lighting system that allows you to practice your favorite sport avoiding hottest hours of the day. With surface tennis quick.

    You can rent balls and raquets at our Reception.

  • Mini Golf - Temporarily Unavailable

    Minigolf is a skill game which you can enjoy with your children. Good alternative to video games.

    With your family or with friends you can play minigolf in Spa Natura and complete the hole in as few strokes as possible. For one, two, three or four players.

    You can rent balls and raquets at our Reception.

  • Table Tennis

    Test your skills and speed during your getaways or family vacation in the Spa Natura.

    The table tennis in the Spa Natura is located next to the Minizoo and the playground.

    You can rent balls and raquets at our Reception.

  • Bocce - Temporarily Unavailable

    In the Spa Natura we have two proper bocce tracks with oficial dimensions.

  • Bicycles

    Adventure living and cycling in the orchards of Peñiscola.

    You will perform moderate exercise as the area lacks slopes and has a well distributed network of BIKE LANE that lets you get closer to the beach to take a bath (2.5 km between orchard) also gets you closer to visit Peñiscola or shop in Benicarlo. Thanks to a 6 km BIKE LANE that connects the two villages built on the seafront.

    In the Spa Natura cycling is an excellent means of transport. It is fast, efficient, safe, healthy and very pleasant to use.

    You can rent a bicycle for just one day or a week at competitive prices.

  • Electrical Bicycles - Temporarily Unavailable

    Discover the routes near Spa Natura and enjoy a pleasant stroll to the beach.

    Depending on the terrain, distance or physical condition of the rider, riding bicycle can be heavy going. In this case electrical bikes are the ideal solution as it neutralizes headwinds and uphill roads, permitting the rider to go a longer distance in less time with a moderate physical exercise.

    You can rent electrical bikes in the Spa Natura for a single day or a week at competitive prices. We have electrical bikes with infant seats.

    Bicycles are 100% environment friendly vehicles as it is propelled by our own physical energy and does not require any maintenance.

    Electrical bikes are very efficient (a lot more efficient than cars, for instance) but it requires energy input. Nonetheless, the benefits for runs less than 30 km are evident, at no cost and no gas emission. This, without mentioning the pleasure of riding an electrical bike. The quiet propulsion of the engine transmits a unique feeling.

  • Fitness Circuit

    In Spa Natura we have at your disposal an outdoor area where you can do healthy excercises.

    It is a set of fitness equipment especially suitable for the older people alleviate their illnesses with gentle outdoor exercises also a good opportunity for exercise initiation for those who have not done anything for a long time.

    These healthy circuits reinforce the cardiac and respiatory function. They are effective for the development of the muscle intercostal: waist, hip, abdomen and back.

    They are indicated for the relief of conditions such as cervical spondylosis rigio shoulder, articular atrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

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