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The ecological beekeeping in the Spa Natura.

The beekeeping is one of the oldest professionss and decreases rapidly. During your getaways beekeeping in the Spa Natura you can find out the secrets of the wonderful world of beekeeping.

In the school of ecological beekeeping in the Spa Natura Peñiscola we try to explain to you the way from “honeycomb into the glass” the entire process of the production and obtaining of honey. The bees route and how this community, the beehive, lives, etc.

After the workshop we invite you to a honey tasting in “El Colmenar” of the Spa Natura. Try the ten different honeys from flowers. We also try to explain the difference between the industrial production which results in a denatured imported honey like the kind you can buy in supermarkets, and our fresh honey produced in the traditional manner.

Enjoy the honey as food and not like medicine.

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