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Enjoy the thematic pools in the Spa Natura Peñiscola in summer as well as in winter.

On the terrace “El Colmenar” next to the pools you can delight with our honey cocktails to choose from among ten different flower honeys of ecological beekeeping

Without doubt the best cocktails in Peñiscola you find in “El Colmenar” of the Spa Natura.

So that you and your family have the máximum pleasure of clean water in optimal conditions the pools have salt-chlorination systems, ozone equipment for water desinfection as well as PH dispensing equipment. Ensuring the quality and cleanliness of the water, we avoid the use of chemicals which are harmful for the health and wellbeing of bathers.


Ozone is a desinfectant with reknown effect against fungi, bacteria and germs in general. It is a natural compound with very potente oxidizing properties. Desinfection by ozone is environment-friendly. It does not leave any residues in water, being transformed into oxygen. This desinfection technique is also used to stabilize potable water and the quality of water in the swimming pools is comparable to that of domestic water. Water purification of pool water by ozone treatment eliminates problems due to the use of chlorine like irritations, bad odors and organchlorination subproducts which are detrimental to our health. Examples of these subproducts are chloramines and trihalomethanes. At the same time, ozone increases the transparency and oxygenation of water helping swimmers improve their performance and their own records. For these reasons, ozone is the most adequate treatment for pools where high-level competitions are held.


Salt chlorination is a simple electrolysis reaction between the pool water and a light concentration of common salt – from 4 to 6 grams per liter which is practically unnoticeable to pool users if compared to sea water whose salinity can reach up to 35 grams of salt per liter. Benefits: This system of saline chlorination has several advantages, improving the conditions of pool use

  • Higher level of safety due to the absence of handling of chemical derivatives of chlorine. 
  • Salt is a mild and natural antiseptic which does not discolor swimwear nor does it have any harmful effect on our hair. 
  • It does not irritate the skin nor the eyes. 
  • The odor and taste of chlorine are eliminated.

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