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Beaches or virgin coves the decisión is difficult, matter of taste.

Playa Basseta

The water of this small cove is characterized by the abundance of rocks on the shore of vegetation around the beach. However, it is always pleasant to visit at sunset. When the sun goes down and reveals a fantastic view with the figure of the Templar Castle in the background.  A length of 1200 m and its total area of 14.400 sqm of pebbles.  The services offered are signaling, police service and cleaning.

Cala Arguilaga

A length of  40m and its total area of 480 m2 de of pebbles. The services offered are signaling, pólice service and cleaning.

Playa Torrenova

Possibly one of the beaches with more difficult access but the calm and tranquility that reigns coast make it recommended visit to enjoy a day in nature. A length of 250 m and its surface of 3750 sqm is gravel.  The services offered are signaling, police service and cleaning.

Playa Irta

Just thirty meters long and five wide, measures that make it one of the smallest beaches in the surrounding. Your physical condition make it the ideal place to unwind after a day of hiking.

In terms of appearance it is a golden sand beach with some gravel.  At sunset the most sea fishing fans concéntrate on this beach where they enjoy nature and tranquility. A length of 30 m and a surface of 150 sqm with sand and pebbles. The services offered are signaling, police service and cleaning.

Playa de la Petxina

Is located next to a dirt track. This cove is away from any hint of civilization. Certainly one of the last virgin coves of the surrounding.  Its most obvious characteristic is that its beaches are lined with shells. The characteristic color of the same creek makes petxina color combine coarse sand beach with many colors of the shells. Its physical characteristics makes it a perfect place for underwater sports such as diving and snorkeling.

A length of 35 m and a surface of 350 sqm of shells and gravel. The services offered are signaling, police service and cleaning.

Playa de Pebret

The beach of  Pebret and del Russo are among the few sandy beaches that exist in the Natural Park Sierra de Irta of Peñiscola. Next to them is the police headquarter since mid-twentieth century they are responsible for controlling the traffic of cargoes.

These beaches are an ecosystem of sand dunes where plant density increases as it moves away from the sea shore. You can see valuable plants as the lily marine and sea spurge.  That appear in the dunes located on the beachfront and mobile dunes that are more inwardly. Their adaptation to sandy soils, salinity, poor rains and wind strength is extraordinary. Also associated dune vegetation has a large number of animal species, many endemic, like some beetles or snails. In the shelter of the dunes nest very rare bird species in our territory as collard pratincole (Glareola pratincola) or the Kentish plover (Charadrius alexandrines).

Has a length of 280 m and a surface of 5600 sqm of fine sand. Provides bin paper, signaling, police service and cleaning.

Playa Santa Lucia

A length of 54 meters and a total surface of  648 sqm of pebbles.

Widows Beach

Located next to the South beach of Peñiscola this semi-urban beach with shower facilities for visitors has a surface of 110 m length 15 m wide, adding to a total area of 1650 sqm.  One of the main features of the beach is the tranquility due to the lack of large tourist crowds

Cala de Badum

This cove is characterized by its difficult access thats why it becomes the place to be if you want to spend a momento alone and breath peace which hosts the Natural Park of the Sierra de Irta Peñiscola. The sound of the waves crashing the rocks is the only sound that visitors can listen to.

If anything highlighted in the enclave of its location at the foot of the Cliff Badum chaired by the look out tower that crowns the top. Length of 35 m and a surface of 350 sqm of shingle. Service of signaling, police service and cleaning.

Cala del Volante

This small beach is just thirty meters long composed of fine Golden sand. Access is characterized by its simplicity.  Length of 32 meters and surface of 320 sqm of shingle.  Service of signaling, police service and cleaning.

Cala L´aljub

Length of 54 meters and total surface of 648 sqm shingle and sand..

Cala Ordi

Length of 50 meters and total Surface of 750 sqm pebbles and gravel.

Cala Puerto Azul

Length of 1500 meters and a Surface of 320 sqm of shingle and sand.

South Beach

At the foot of the city walls and near the fishing port we find the south beach temporary sheltered.  South beach is characterized by its fine sand composed about 300 m long and 35 m wide.

Enjoy a tour of the south promenade while the ships arrive in the port with the catch of the day this is one of the magic views which you can enjoy in this location.  Also you can enjoy magnificent views of the Castle Papa Luna while you tan on the beach. 

Available surveillance and rescue services and basic services such as showers and facilities with playground and beach volleyball. The presence of the nautical station Benicarlo-Peñiscola allows any visitor light sailing, diving, windsurfing or canoeing with the various companies related to water sports partners.

North Beach

The north beach of Peñiscola  is the beach closest to the old part of town. Large and attractive beach in a spectacular setting with the Castle of Papa Luna  in the background.  Five kilometers of fine sand that make the main beach.

One of the main features of the beach is its excellent care and quality of its water. Due to the presence of surveillance equipment and rescue and signaling along 5 km.  Also is equipped with access gateways, infrastructure for people with disabilities, telephone, cleaning, paperpins, sun beds and umbrellas.

In the broad promenade along the beach, palm-lined player you will enjoy lovely walks contemplating the figure of the castle coronando  Seaside Town. In addition on the north shore of Peñiscola you can enjoy sailing, canoes, pedalos and jet skis.

Thanks to the equipment the beach has received several awards:  blue flag, flag “Q”, of the Institute for Quality Tourism in Spain, green cerfitication of the AENOR company, Qualitur flag from the Valencia Tourism Agency that confirm the quality, the management and good service present in the northern beach of Peñiscola.

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