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A walk on the wet area next to the beaches of Peñiscola brings us to the world of the birds.

The marsh of Peñiscola  is one of the typical wetlands of the Community of Valencia for their environmental characteristics.  It is a wet area of the coast that largely retains its natural characteristics.

Home to the world´s largest population of Samurac (Valencia Hispanica) and of the last reserves of Fartet (apanius iberus), besides various types of birds, also the only European reserve of the snail Melanoides tuberculata.  It is included in the catalog of wet areas of the Community of Valencia for their biological and cultural relevant.  During certain times of the year can be seen nesting migrations and certain characteristics of wetland birds and some endangered.  The marsh vegetation is dominated by aquatic and marsh redes and gray architectural level to include science and Wells.

In the marsh-guided tour gives us an explanation of the wildlife and endangered species, condition and give us to know the latest rehabilitation plans and an explanation of the history and types of fish in the marsh.

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