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The garden Benicarlanda

Be sure to try the artichoke of the Benicarlo orchard with domination of origin since 12 November 2003 recognized in the EU.

Festival Artichokes of Benicarlo.

This vegetable always had strong roots among farmers and for several years they are celebrating this festival with a series of socio-cultural events culminating in a grand tost of the artichokes. They also celebrate gastronomic days which are based on this product in which the trades union Benicarlo organizes a thematic week in stores which offer different artichoke tapas and in which Spa Natura Resort also participates.


Artichokes of Benicarlo

The artichoke (Cynara Scolymus) is grown mainly in Mediterrean regions and in áreas that enjoy a mild climate. Consumption data of more than two thousands years. These plants were considered already by the Antique as a food apreciated and is recommended especially with coriander, wine, olive oil and Garum, name of a famous fish sauce used in ancient times.

It is a large thistle as indicated by the Arabic roots of his name “ground spine”. This large thistle appears on the shield of the city of Benicarlo reflecting the importance that this product has since the antiquity in our área. Between the qualities of artichokes its edible delivers 12% of carbohydrates whose sixth of the sugar is a very pecular, the inulin, tolerate even the diabetics. Also is credited traditional medicinal properties but without scientific basis for example is considered to produce a favorable effect on hepatic and kidney functions.


Cuisine of Benicarlo includes first the rice dishes such as fried rice, Paella, or roasting also typical is a mixed pot. As being a fishing port an essential seafood dish is the fish stew as well as the extraordinary prawns of Benicarlo or the excellent squid, cuttlefish, octopus, flounders and many other delicious seafood that the sailors drawn every day from its waters.

Also the baked goat or rabbit Maestrazgo that delight travelers. As for the desserts we can not forget the cakes with quince and sweet potato or bisquit “carquinoles”, “rosquillas de anis”.

More information in the Valencian Community en http://www.comunidadvalenciana.com

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